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Active Power, a division of Piller Power Systems Inc., is a leading producer of kinetic energy storage systems. Our flywheel technology provides permanent energy storage that helps solve customer problems and provides lower total cost of ownership, higher reliability, and a more sustainable solutions.

  • 20 year operating life
  • Operating temperature range up to 40c
  • No degradation with use
  • Compact, enclosed footprint
  • Limited maintenance required
  • When the flywheel is spinning, power is available
  • Up to 1 minute at typical loads
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Our Products

CleanSource XT225 UPS

225 kW - 1.8 MW

CleanSource MMS UPS

225 kW - 900 kW

CleanSource HD625 UPS

625 kW - 4.3 MW

CleanSource DC

250kW - 2,000 kW


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